The South Park (Wychwood)
Cowley Road, Oxford

Now The Hobgoblin (27.viii.1999)

Wychwood Shires 1.50
Wychwood Special (4.2%) 1.95 (2.ii.1999)

Having reopened after moderate refurbishment and Wychwoodification on the 
14th of December, though still as the Ampney Cottage, this had the name 
and pub sign changed to the "South Park" at some stage over Christmas. It 
used, in fact, to be covered in South Park-the-cartoon paraphernalia, but 
all that remains of it is Kenny's "MBHMFMF" (or similar) painted on one of 
the windows. The pub sign, which used to have the lead singer from Primus 
on it, now has a Wychwood elf on a hill, which suggests that it has been 
rededicated to South Park-the-grassy-slope-between-Oxford-and-Headington.

It remains an L-shaped building with a public bar containing a jukebox and 
a pool table, and a lounge with very red plush seats and tables covered in 
beaten copper. Quiz machine.

Good pint of Shires I had. Three cask pumps, which is fewer than in the 
Hobgoblin on St Aldates. There is a calendar behind the bar showing the 
projected guest ales for the rest of 1999, which are a mixture of cycling 
through the standard Wychwood range and seasonals. I dread to find out 
what St Patrick's Ale's like. The jukebox is much louder than it was on 
the 15th of December last year. Those were the days when you could take 
your supervisor. (30.iii.1999)