Ampney Cottage (Wychwood)
Cowley Road, Oxford

Now The Hobgoblin.

Hook Norton Ale (3.4%) 1.75
Wychwood Special (4.2%) 1.95 (16.xii.1998)

This only reopened on the 14th of December, and it has been redecorated by 
Wychwood, but not to the same extent as has the Hobgoblin on Saint 
Aldates. Essentially it is the same sort of pub, an L-shaped building with 
a public bar containing a jukebox and a pool table, and a lounge with very 
red plush seats and tables covered in beaten copper. Quiz machine. The 
walls aren't blindingly white any more, being a pale brown, and I think 
they've put in a darker carpet. The Irish road signs and the Eddie Grundy 
hat above the door to the facilities have all gone.

The beer has improved since the pub's previous incarnation, though by no 
means does it do the full Wychwood range. Alcopops behind the lounge bar 
though. When we came in, they were playing Frank Sinatra. This is a 
suitable place for your supervisor to go to, you know. (16.xii.1998)