This is now the Cowley Retreat.


The Hobgoblin (Wychwood)
172 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1UE. Tel. (01865) 245954

    * Hobgoblin Ale (4.5%) 2.10 (26.viii.1999)

This was reopened on the 19th of August 1999. All of the interior walls of 
the former Ampney Cottage have been torn down, a new bar has been 
installed, and hideous stone-effect Dr Who or Changing Rooms-style floor 
tiling's been added.

It's more obvious how to get to the beer garden now, but even the wall 
between it and Bullingdon Road has been torn down and replaced by brick 
pillars with sub-Pratchett stone goblins on top, with metal fencing in 
between. Wychwood might make good beer but they have otherwise absolutely 
no taste. Six beers on cask. The Hobgoblin Ale is very good but slightly 
metallic for my taste. (26.viii.1999)

It's Saturday of 10th week and the pub is still packed, loud and has 
bouncers on the door. Its clientele is markedly different from the 
Hobgoblin on St Aldates, as you might expect from the location. The 
all-Wychwood policy I think I remember from last time has given way to two 
Wychwood beers, Batemans XXXB and two beers from Adnams with their 
distinctive pump clips. The doors into the garden are locked, though. I 
expect it's quieter out there. (16.xii.2000)