Now The Prince of Ales. (9.xii.1999).
Now closed and gorn, but the fleur-de-lys is back. (15.vii.2001)

The Prince of Wales (Morrells)
80 Cowley Road, Oxford.

    * Morrells Oxford Bitter GBP 1.70
    * Strongbow Cider GBP 2.15 (15.xii.1998)

It's a white building with an enormous fleur-de-lys on the wall, and 
stands on the corner of Cowley Road (next to Kari King) and Temple Street, 
a door or so away from the Temple Bar.

They do a meat draw, and have an excitingly mezzanine pool table. Bright 
but rather empty, something which isn't helped by only seating about 
sixteen maximum. All of the regulars talk to you. One of the tables has 
flowers on it, but sitting at it you can't read the entire price list any 
more. Fifteen degrees, if you follow my meaning.

They don't seem to do any other beer but Morrells Oxford, which is a shame 
because they used to have three fully operational cask pumps. The new 
landlords used to run the Berinsfield Arms. (15.xii.1998)