Now the Village Inn, Berinsfield, and under completely different 

The Berinsfield Arms, Berinsfield
Oxford Lager 1.75
Dry Blackthorn Cider 2.00 (14.iii.1998)

My first encounter of the Berinsfield Arms was a picture in the Oxford 
Times of a muscly man laden with earrings doing pressups on Fane Drive, 
accompanied with an article relating how he trained for marathons by 
drinking thirty pints the day before.

Berinsfield, named after St Birinus, who brought Christianity to this 
corner of the world, is a racetrack-shaped housing estate the council put 
up between Dorchester and Drayton St Leonard before the invention of 
joyriding. It now has speed humps. The Berinsfield Arms is much as you 
expect --- one bitter (Morrells Oxford) on tap, though if you ask for an 
unqualified bitter you get Brewery Gate Smooth, and it has the worst pub 
coffee I've drunken.

The jukebox is suitably large. Not too bad actually, crowd in friendly 
enough on a Saturday afternoon, but not a place to student about in, or 
hang about outside on a Saturday night at 2319. It has copies of the 
Mirror and Oxford Mail for reading purposes.