This is not a pub any more. It's a Lebanese/Indian restaurant


Now it's very bright, almost Mockintosh in places, and full of rectangles and undergraduates. There is nothing on cask, keg 6X and Henry's IPA and a giant Connect Four. There are more televisions now, showing MTV rather than BBC1.


The service is friendly. There's a TV in the corner which has subtitles on it, in case you'd want to watch it, a 'beer garden' which isn't advertised as such and consists of a concrete back garden with a few park benches, some of them in unsittable-on geometries. The Tanglefoot is an excellent feature of the pub. There used to be rather more ultraviolet and red lighting in the pub, which made it look a fair bit seedier than it either was or looks now. Lighting more conventional these days. Pine tables. Arch landlord.