The Welsh Pony
George Street, Oxford

Now Le Eurobar.

James Davey writes:
As I write (1998-08-09) this pub is undergoing renovation.  When we
visited (Wednesday night, about 10 pm) we found the front full of 
carpentry and decidedly closed.  However the saloon and Spanish bars were 
accessible from the back (bus station side) and we opted for the former, 
the latter being decidedly empty.

The clientele were bog standard middle aged blokes, at least one of whom 
was slightly on the posh side and one of whom kept putting `Whiskey in the 
Jar' and the like on the jukebox.  Facilities passed me by as the drunk 
posh bloke talked to me in them, thus distracting me.

Interior was a red gloom due to lighting.  Standard shelf of old ceramic 
bottles etc.  Small glass framed prints of famous art on the wall.  I
had the Mistletoad which taste a bit raw.  I have heard good things about 
the beer though.  Also served Flowers (Original and IPA).

The Spanish Bar is meant to be something special apparently.  Serves 
tequila and sangria.

All in all a cosy quiet place, whcih must be considered rare for George 
Street.  If they got rid of that vile red lighting it would be a treat.  I 
much prefer it to the Old School.  (1998-01-09)

Colin Batchelor writes:
This is what pubs used to be like, and the renovation doesn't seem to have 
progressed any since January.  There's a strong whiff of smoke as you go 
in, and it's (not very) full of blokes who would probably give you 
accurate dialogue for a novel.  Wide range of beer. (1998-04-19)