Le Eurobar (Whitbread)
Gloucester Green, Oxford

Hoegaarden GBP 2.80 (Two Pounds Eighty) (1998-10-08)

This used to be The Welsh Pony, but the refurbishment got out of control 
and now it looks as if it's been done by IKEA.  White walls, pine floor, 
and primary coloured furniture.  The light fittings are something else.  
There are three bulbs to a light socket, one unit producing three curling 
copper stems, a bayonet fitting, and a flame-shaped light bulb.  They look 
a bit like spermatozoa.

The beer is dear.  The Hoegaarden was two pounds eighty.  There are three 
casks, bearing Flowers IPA, Flowers Original, and a guest.  It was London 
Pride when the pub started, and next it was Timothy Taylor's Landlord 
(flat, apparently).  The guest was off when I came.

It's tolerable enough, but nothing special, and the home of the dearest 
pint I've had in Oxford.