The Rendezvous (Morrells)
Pennyfarthing Place, Oxford.

Monday to Thursday 11am to 11pm
Friday and Saturday 11am to 12 midnight
Sunday 12 noon to 10.30pm

    * Morrells Oxford Bitter 2.00
    * Morrells Varsity Bitter 2.10
    * Morrells Graduate Bitter 2.25 (17.iii.1999)

This used to be The Parrot, but within the last fortnight has been done 
over, had the sofas removed (these were the best bit) and had loud 
seamless music, banisters with Jack-and-the-Beanstalk spandrills, and 
standard-issue Morrells chess tables fitted. We didn't dare ask for 

Sparklered Morrells Varsity would you believe. (Yes.) The big patio doors, 
which I presume will be opened during daytimes in the summer did present 
an interesting question: where are all the brylcreemed and 
strappy-high-heeled youths that walk through Pennyfarthing Place and down 
that path that runs between the evangelical bookshop and Sainsbury's in 
the evening going? Is it to The Coven? (17.iii.1999)

It has bouncers on a Friday night, it transpires. (31.iii.2000)

Pete Gillin helpfully adds:
The Brylcreamed and strappy-heeled folk in Pennyfarthing place are almost 
certainly going to 5th Avenue rather than the Coven, since (a) it's not on 
the way to the Coven, (b) it is on the way to 5th Avenue, and (c) the 
latter is much more of a Brylcream and strappy heels sort of place.