The Parrot (Morrells)
Pennyfarthing Place, Oxford

Formerly the Pennyfarthing, became The Rendezvous

Monday to Friday 11am to 11pm
Saturday 11am to 12 midnight
Closed Sunday

Morrells Varsity 2.04
Blackthorn Dry Cider 2.10 (10.viii.1998)

Review by James Davey:
Surrounded by Harry Ramsden's Fish Resturant, Sainsbury's, A Christian 
Bookshop and the infinitely more pub-like looking Blenheim it's a wonder 
anyone would ever want to visit The Parrot. In such adverse situations 
Morrells obviously decided this pub had to be different and converted the 
very drab and unappealing Pennyfarthing into a bright green monstrosity. 
It certainly catches the eye.

Inside all is better. The place has a newish feel (obviously) with smart 
pine tables and the lighting is much brighter than your average gloomy 
Oxford pub. However the bar has a reassuring selection of handpumps and 
the price list claims Oxford Bitter, Varsity and Graduate are sold here. 
There was no Graduate when I visited, more's the shame.

The is a certain cocktail bar feel to the place however. The barman didn't 
know any Cocktails (it was his first day) but lots of signs assured me you 
could get them. There was also a pink neon sign behind the bar. I think it 
said 'Bar' There was an old bloke nursing his pint in the corner. I wonder 
if they paid him to do that to make the place look like any other pub.

Upstairs is a sort of cafe area, ideal for shoppers I guess. It was closed 
when we visited but if you fancy a Cappuccino (for whatever reason) you 
can get one here. Toilets were clean (in keeping with the rest of the 
place), no angle.

All in all, bright, clean, upbeat, new. You get my drift. Better on the 
inside than out.

Colin Batchelor writes:
Steep and the Varsity is nothing special. On a hot day, however, there are
those big whirly propellor things on the ceiling keeping it reasonable.
This is good. (11.viii.1998)