The New Inn (Halls)
Cowley Road, Oxford

Burton Ale GBP 2.18 (30.vii.1998)

A single, largeish room with a comfortable sofa in the corner, a number of
stalls, ceiling covered in posters for indie and comedy gigs, a very long
bar, security cameras hidden in the pot pourri [I have no idea whether
this is true or indeed libellous (2003-09-25)], a very tall barmaid (at
least when I went), the head of a Yoda behind the bar, and dark green

It's packed to the rafters with indie kids on Friday and Saturday nights, 

Now: to beer. It's expensive, and quite passable, though not the best half 
of Burton Ale I've had by a long chalk. You're better off going to The 
Bear for it, really. (30.vii.1998)