The Bear Inn
Alfred Street, Oxford OX1 4EH. Tel. (01865) 721783

Colin Batchelor writes:
This small, white, surprisingly three-storeyed building claims to be the 
oldest pub in Oxford (as do the Chequers, and less convincing, the Turf).  
It's mostly surrounded by chunks of Christ Church and anonymous 
corporations, which might account for the tipsy dons and men in suits.  AN 
HISTORIC PUB SINCE 1242, apparently.

The cut-off-tie collection covers most of the surfaces of the pub, except 
for the floors, and it is dark, warm and possibly tricky to get a seat.  
Really deep fireplaces.  I was pleased to find three ales on cask, one of 
which was Deuchars IPA.

The most eye-catching feature is the bear mural behind the benches