The James Street Tavern (Morland)
47 James Street, Oxford OX4 1EU. Tel. (01865) 247127

Greene King IPA GBP 1.90 (18.v.2000)

Loud, stripped pine sort of a place. Rather like what you would expect a 
college bar to be like if you'd never been in a real one. Big pool table. 
Despite the video games lining one of the walls, it's probably one of the 
better pubs round here. Not as good as The Temple, mind. (16.x.1999)

Mark Dickerson, on being asked about the new management that came in on 
the 29th of April:
Um, well, it doesn't seem to have changed from memory. Yes, still a lot 
like a college bar pretending to be a tacky Mexican restaurant. I think 
they had Abbot on as well.

I sat in the garden and felt old, though there appeared to be a couple of 
more mature visitors on the pull. (18.v.2000)