The Ferryman (Free House)
Bablock Hythe, Oxfordshire

Greene King IPA Shandy GBP 2.20 (probably same for bitter) (2001-08-26)

Henry Braun writes:
The Ferryman is eighteen statute miles from Folly Bridge, say the
lock-keepers.  Although it looks like a romnantaically isolated village
pub like The Victoria Arms or The Isis, it's isn't.  It is [effectively]
the bar of the huge caravan park to the north and the associated motorboat
moorings, and feels like it.  It has a desperately family-friendly

They did me a medium plate of chips for GBP 1.50 five minutes after 
stopping serving food.

There was no ferry today, despite it being the Bank Holiday Monday Sunday. 

Editor's note:
This is on the far side of the river from Cumnor Hill, so if you're going, 
don't start from there. (1998-01)

Liz Beaumont Bissell writes:
Seems rather nondescriptly towney (perhaps it was just full of pre-club 
types from the rural fringes), but it does Moo, I think, under the heading 
`having you ever been kicked by a cow?' (1997-10-31)