The Isis Tavern (Morrells)
Iffley Lock, Oxford

The Isis Tavern is the only pub in Oxford not accessible by car, and is 
literally lit up like a Christmas tree and visible for a good way up and 
down the towpath, and from Iffley Meadows.  Much of the trade is from 
locals and from spectators during Eights and Torpids.

Before the New Morrells revamp, where it was filled with standard issue 
tat, red lighting, and had the interior walls removed (I assume to fit in 
more tat), and the piping in the Gents painted over, it was decorated like 

We'll state indoors. Both of the two bars are decorated with rowing paraphernalia---oar and photos (and two intriguing blades, one from when New College rowed in the Essen Regatta in 1937: this one has a Nazi flag on it, the other from when one of the Oxford teams represented the UK in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics) in the Coaches' bar (RHS as you go in) and the Oarsman's Bar (LHS as you go in) is festooned with blades from the Blues races. (1998-05-02)
Only the Graduate was on. It wasn't terribly impressive. There was a big pile of sand outside, but the garden's still there. It's had those Martian heaters installed. I suppose the main reason to come here rather than the Prince of Wales across Iffley Lock is that you can see Eights and Torpids starting from the garden. (2000-04-21).