Far from the Madding Crowd
Friars Entry, Oxford

Pontus Lurcock writes:
Still going strong. Timothy Taylor's and Black Sheep Bitter are on
permanently, and there are three guests---usually at least one from
the Vale Brewery.

Editorial note:
The former proprietor of Jude the Obscure, and Charles Eld, who used
to be high up in Morrells before it was sold to Michael Hanlon, have taken 
over this part of the Debenhams redevelopment, and turned it into a 
remarkable free house.  Lots of old pump clips behind the bar (and bear in 
mind this can't have been going for even two years yet), guest beers 
clearly marked on a blackboard, Thatcher's single varietal ciders in the 
fridge, and proper wine.

It used to have Nathalie Wahl's paintings of Oxford in it.  I don't know 
where they've gone.

I had lunch here.  It was the chilli con carne (GBP 5.95) and came with
wild rice.  The rest of the menu looks like this sort of superior pub
(Fieldwork: 2003-10-07)