Jude the Obscure (Morrells), Walton Street, Jericho, Oxford.

Monday to Saturday 12 noon to 11pm, Sunday 12 noon to 10.30pm
Food: Monday to Friday 12--2, 5.30--7.30, Saturday 12--2, Sunday 12--5

Morrells Mild (3.7%) GBP 1.70
Stowford Press Cider GBP 2.10 (29.vii.1998)

The former landlord (see below) is now running Far From The Madding Crowd on
Friars' Entry in the same building as Debenhams and Borders.  I haven't been
in yet, but going past I see Nathalie Wahl's paintings on the wall.

Henry Braun updates:
An item of aging news for your website (about 12 August, really): Morrells'
minions have taken over the Jude the Obscure from Noel the
Irishman-with-a-beard. Minimal refurbishment included replacing Nathalie's
pictures of Oxford (Noel's private property) with pictures of Oxford. They
seem to be trying to preserve the atmosphere but I've not actually been in
to find out if they succeed. (ix.2001)

Edward Harris updates:
As Henry Braun said it's now run by Morrells minions. It now does food in
the evening (until 9pm), which is a good thing, and the quality seems quite
good. Although I do think the loss of Noel is a great pity. Pubs with
interesting landlords are becomming rarer now.

In the last six months or so he ran the Jude with the assistance of his
brother (Tony - a big bloke who looked nothing like Noel!) who used to run
the Old Tom, until it was Morrell-ised. (x.2001)

James Davey writes:
This is a strange pub but an excellent one to visit.  The pub itself is large
by Jericho standards;  there are three drinking areas, the courtyard (outside) 
and two bars inside.

The left hand room has a raised seating area at the rear of the pub.  This
also acts as a kind of stage, Jude has many spoken word and musical
performances.  These are many and varied, from poetry recitals to jazz and
country music improvisations.

The bar staff are very friendly, one even drew a cat shape while pouring a
pint of Guinness.  This was a refreshing change from the normal shamrock.

Editorial note:
The beer consists of Oxford Bitter, Varsity and Graduate.  The Mild is now
deceased and I haven't seen the Old Don.  All in good shape, every time I've
had any of it.

Jude the Obscure was formerly the Prince of Wales, and was renamed recently
when it was taken over by an Irishman with a beard, who had it dramatically

The main broadsheets (two of each) are to be found lying about the pub as well.
All in all, a surprisingly good pub, considering its pedigree.  The Irish folk 
music sessions are at 2 till 5 on Sunday afternoons, should you wish to attend 
or avoid.

Celebrity and Wadham academic Bernard O'Donoghue is a friend of this pub, I
should point out.  In the smaller, right hand bar, there's a permanent showing 
of paintings of various bits of Oxford by a Mertonian, Nathalie Wahl.

Appears in Kate Pugh's Vegan Oxford.

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