Closed. They had a sale recently where all of the lurid baraphernalia went
for very reasonable prices.  And now we're down to only seven pubs in
Jericho.  It's going to be The Globe or The Bookbinders next.  I hope it
doesn't happen till after I write up. (

The Carpenters Arms (Morrells)
Nelson Street, Jericho

Morrells Oxford Bitter 1.70
Morrells Varsity 1.90
Strongbow Cider 2.20
Guinness Stout 2.30 (30.vii.1998)

Nachos 2.50
Desserts (Apple pie & ice cream, strawberries and cream) 1.00 (5.ix.1998)

Mark Dickerson writes:
The morbid among you can play a little game in Jericho; it's called Spot 
the Dead Pub. For a while it looked like the Carpenters' was going to go 
the way of the New Inn or the Bakers' Arms, as it was a way off the beaten 
track and would be almost empty on the few times I went there. 
(Incidentally, there used to be a Jim Needle cartoon of hundreds of 
regulars hiding as a student reviewer visited this pub. It wasn't me.)

Instead, in have come the decorators. The walls are now washed red like 
the classier type of pizza joint; there's a comfy settee; and the bar 
stools have zebra-print material. It's a bit like sitting in a weird mix 
of the Lemon Tree and its infamous predecessor the Pink Pussy, not 
entirely unpleasant. The beer was fine on my visit.

The clientele appeared to be almost-cool; possibly students, not "locals", 
whatever they are. I suspect you can score 10 points in the other Jericho 
game: Spot the Zombie Pub. Look out for Tapas in the Globe and crystals 
in the Bookbinders' soon. (

Editorial note by Colin Batchelor:
Yes. It's all true. They've painted the Gents (and the Ladies) silver, put 
in stone-effect linoleum on the floor and a leopard print chaise longue. 
When I came in there in June there was Ella Fitzgerald on the CD player 
(ooh) and a very fuzzy (silent) view of Holland versus Yugoslavia. But now 
they've removed the television, which is good, but unfortunately what's on 
the speakers has a strong dependence in who's been parachuted in to mind 
the bar. When I came in July, it was Will Smith.

On the loudspeakers, not behind the bar. I think I'd have preferred him 
behind the bar, actually. The beermats are Morrells Varsity, in rough 
keeping with the colour scheme.

Over by the fireplace (which is where the zebra print sofa is and the 
leopardskin print chaise longue used to be before it was replaced by 
another zebra print sofa) is a collection of Guardians and Observers from 
the past week. Shervin was very impressed by the way you could lean back 
on the bar stools without falling off.

The nachos are good. I've tasted them. (5.ix.1998)