Now closed. (2005-08-25)

The Globe (Morrells) Cranham Street, Jericho, Oxford Morrells Varsity 1.80 Pimm's and Lemonade 1.45 (9.viii.1998) It's green, well, more turquoise actually, and looks to have been refurbished/disinfected pretty recently. Most of the decor is turquoise, with red, comfortable seating, and a peculiar knobbly brown plastic moulding above the bar with mock fronts of barrels bearing the names of beers for sale, and taps, which I presume are for gravity dispense, but could easily be for high-pressure gas. And there's a fishtank with tiny fish in it. Not a student pub. Full of Jerichonian locals, and the Pimm's which Elaine wanted was on a very high shelf which the barmaid couldn't reach. Service friendly the last time I was in, less so the time before, but that time I was in a more studenty context. Varsity little better than average. At about 2226 on a Sunday evening, an orange-shirted man in a Mark Lamarr haircut turned up and was sent away again. A largish woman by the fishtank informed me that he was being sent away for having made an idiot of himself in there on the Friday night, and an annoying laugh. And coming on to anything remotely feminine. The facilities are clean, in the Gent's case hidden by one of the doors, but lack soap. Thirty degrees, a big thirty degrees, if you're interested. (9.viii.1998)