The Dog and Partridge (Greene King), Bury St Edmunds

This is almost the brewery tap for Greene King.  No mild, though.  They 
have IPA, Abbot (for GBP 2.30, which is the most expensive cask ale here), 
1799 (though not today, because they were cleaning the pipe), and a 
"guest", which today (2004-01-25) was "Morland" "Tanner's Jack".

On the inside it looks like four or five different establishments welded 
together.  The front room is a conventional pub with wooden chairs and 
round tables.  Next to that is a room full of deep leather sofas like the 
decoy one in the window of every All Bar One, ,
behind that a dark room with red theatre-y upholstery, and beside that a 
brightly-it room with modern pine tables and blue chairs.  There's an open 
space out the back that reminds me of Church House in Banbury.

It's also the nearest pub to the Theatre Royal, though today when we went 
in shortly before last orders they were in no particular hurry to serve 

(Most recent fieldwork: 2004-02-26)