All Bar One (Bass)
High Street, Oxford

* Bass GBP 2.50 (Two Pounds Fifty)
* London Pride GBP 2.50 (Two Pounds Fifty) (1999-10-12)

Gordon Woods writes:
Think Cock and Camel and double it.  Loud, large expensive and 
smart-looking.  The only real ales are London Pride and Bass, both 
sparklered by default.  An extensive menu and CCTV cameras in the toilets.1

Editorial note:
It's true.  Quite cavernous and echoey with piped music, all stripped 
pine.  Shelf upon shelf of bottles of wine behind the bar stretching up to 
the rather high ceiling.  Board games and newspapers.  And prices you 
would not believe. (1999-10-12)

There's another matching one close to the Arts Cinema in Cambridge, with
sofas in the window and nowhere else.  The Oxford one used to be a music 
shop.  (2003-09-01)

1. I'm not sure whether this is still the case (2003-09-01) or indeed whether it's legal at all. There was a court case in Woodford Halse.