Open questions

I’m not saying there’s no answers to these questions; I’m just saying I don’t know what they are.

Open questions

None at the moment. I’m sure more will occur to me.

Answered questions

Q. an, chan, cha, a, nach: what are they, exactly? Question asked 2011-03-07.

A. In the categorial grammar approach, they are functions from one type to another and if I’ve done it right, not a single one has the same type as the other. Even an, an, an and an. In the Universal Part-of-Speech Tagset, they’re all PRT. (Well, apart from an the DET, an the VERB and an the ADP.) Answer written 2014-06-18.

Q. Can the dependent form of a verb ever serve as the head of a constituent? Question asked 2011-03-07.

A. That’s how I’ve been annotating them, at least in the dependency annotation scheme.  In the CCG scheme the particle preceding it takes it as an argument, but that doesn’t make the particle the head (compare NPs). (I think.) In this post I expressed my concern about eil thu sgìth not being a constituent. One of the strengths of CCG, especially for coordination, is that it can handle sequences of words that aren’t constituents. Answers written 2014-06-18.

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