Dependency structures in Irish Gaelic

Quick note to say that Teresa Lynn at DCU has been working on a project based on dependency treebanks for Irish. This is relevant to this blog because Irish Gaelic is very closely related to Scottish Gaelic and much of the grammar is similar, and there has also been work in the past (Clark and Curran 2007, Table 2, for example) on deriving dependency structures from CCG lexical structures.

Here are two papers I’ve had a quick look at:

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  1. Hi,
    you should definitely submit something in the upcoming edition of the spmrl workshop series (that will be the 5th edition, colocated with COLING 2014 and a joint event with SANCL (Syntactic analysis of Non Canonical Languages workshop)

    About spmrl, it’s a series of workshop dedicated to the parsing of morphologically-rich languages. It’s ongoing still 2009 (with IWPT 2009, naacl 2010, iwpt 2011, acl 2012, emnlp 2013 and coling 2014).

    Good luck with Scotish treebanking,

  2. Djamé Seddah says:

    While I’m at it, Teresa Lynn is co-organising a Coling workshop about celtic languages
    on which I think Scotish relates to (not sure though).
    Celtic Language Technology Workshop (CLTW)
    Chairs: John Judge, Teresa Lynn, Monica Ward, Brian O’Raghallaigh

  3. Teresa Lynn says:

    Hi Colin,

    Your work sounds great and it fits in well with the CLTW workshop that Djamé refers to above – so please consider submitting a paper if you can!
    The call for papers will go out sometime in the next week and we’ll have a workshop webpage you can visit to find out more details on it.

    In the meantime, please feel free to subscribe to this mailing list that we set up a few months ago for Irish language technology-related discussions. It’s called CIGILT – Core Interest Group for Irish Language Technology.

    Good luck with your work, and hope to see you in Dublin in August!

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