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Quick note on visccg and UTF-8 for openccg beginners

If you can’t get UTF-8 to work in visccg (looking at Stack Overflow suggests this might be a Python-on-the-Mac thing, but I wouldn’t swear to it) you can still edit .ccg files in Your Favourite Text Editor and ccg2xml will … Continue reading

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The Coordinate Structure Constraint: evidence from Irish

Previously. Ross’s 1967 MIT thesis Constraints on Variables in Syntax introduced, among other things, the Coordinate Structure Constraint, which is a generalization of the intuitive notion that coordinators (in English, “and”, “but”, “or” and so on) coordinate nouns with nouns … Continue reading

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An interesting case of coordination

A few weeks ago I spotted this from @BBCAimsir (the weather in Gaelic) on Twitter: Tha i blàth agus sinn air 20C a ruighinn an Glaschu agus na Criochan. Ach frasan trom is dealanaich air nochdadh mu thimcheall Inbhir Nis. — … Continue reading

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