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Dependency structures in Irish Gaelic

Quick note to say that Teresa Lynn at DCU has been working on a project based on dependency treebanks for Irish. This is relevant to this blog because Irish Gaelic is very closely related to Scottish Gaelic and much of … Continue reading

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Resources present and future

Excitingly, William Lamb at the University of Edinburgh tells me in the comments on this earlier post has been funded by the Bòrd na Gàidhlig to work on a tagset and corpus for Scottish Gaelic. I have been delighted to be … Continue reading

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Ambiguity everywhere

Much of the basic grammatical machinery of Gaelic consists of overloaded words. This is nothing unusual, of course; in English, for example, to is both a preposition and marks the infinitive, but there seems to be an awful lot of it … Continue reading

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It’s fine

This confused me, so I mention it in case it confuses anyone else. If predicative adjectives have type S[adj]\NP (because they come after the noun), NPs have type NP and the predicative copula has type (S[dcl]/(S[adj]\NP))/NP, then how do we … Continue reading

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