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Why do we bother with grammatical frameworks?

Most natural languages, like English French Chukchi Basque Gaelic Italian Russian Latgallian Finnish Tamil and so forth, can be reasonably well modelled by a context-free grammar, which is the sort of grammar that people write computer languages in. Parsers for … Continue reading

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A first attempt at the copula

Having got OpenCCG working, we can now start doing what we’re here for. To say “Calum is a teacher”, or “I am a teacher”, you have to say the at-first-glance rather odd: ‘S e tidsear a th’ann Calum. ‘S e … Continue reading

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Getting OpenCCG to work on the Mac

OpenCCG is a java/python toolkit for working on combinatory categorial grammar, so is ideal for this exercise. Update 2014-07-14: if you’re using OpenCCG 0.95, the latest version, on Mac OS X 10.6.8, then as long as you have Python 2.x … Continue reading

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