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An editor for dependency treebanks

I was pleased to meet Johannes Heinecke at the International Congress of Celtic Studies in Bangor last week. As well as producing a dependency treebank for Welsh, he has written a rather smart editor for CoNLL-U files, which are pretty … Continue reading

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Training a dependency parser on gdbank

A very quick note to say that I’ve trained maltparser, a dependency parser, with the current gdbank sentences (a mere 1223 tokens spread across 70-odd sentences), the Universal POS tagging scheme and the current Universal-ish gdbank dependency annotation scheme, and then … Continue reading

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MaltParser cheat mode

If you train MaltParser using the learnwo flowchart in place of learn, it does all the same things, except that it writes out the sentences as it reads them in. This means that if you have, ahem, misformatted any of … Continue reading

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Installing MaltParser on Mac OS X 10.6.8

MaltParser is a dependency parser and it’s available here: If you try to run the ready-built jar under Mac OS X 10.6.8 and you haven’t updated to Java 1.7, you’ll get a major.minor version number error. However, if you … Continue reading

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Dependency structures in Irish Gaelic

Quick note to say that Teresa Lynn at DCU has been working on a project based on dependency treebanks for Irish. This is relevant to this blog because Irish Gaelic is very closely related to Scottish Gaelic and much of … Continue reading

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Useful site full of worked English-language examples

Much of the literature on categorial grammar focuses on things that are difficult to handle in other frameworks and isn’t necessarily helpful if you want to find something simple. However, there are lots and lots of worked examples on the … Continue reading

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Getting OpenCCG to work on the Mac

OpenCCG is a java/python toolkit for working on combinatory categorial grammar, so is ideal for this exercise. Update 2014-07-14: if you’re using OpenCCG 0.95, the latest version, on Mac OS X 10.6.8, then as long as you have Python 2.x … Continue reading

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A better-resourced language that is VSO is Arabic, and I noticed today that Chris Brew’s group have a paper on converting the Penn Arabic Treebank into CCG. I didn’t know that Arabic had resumptive pronouns. Gaelic doesn’t, but they might … Continue reading

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