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An editor for dependency treebanks

I was pleased to meet Johannes Heinecke at the International Congress of Celtic Studies in Bangor last week. As well as producing a dependency treebank for Welsh, he has written a rather smart editor for CoNLL-U files, which are pretty … Continue reading

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Unless I indicate otherwise, all these examples are taken from Gareth King’s Intermediate Welsh (London: Routledge, 1996). The analyses are mine, as are the errors. I don’t think I ever mastered the word mai, and reading up on it, I … Continue reading

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Every one’s a clitic: a general treatment of one family of fused words in Welsh

I’ve been starting to look at Welsh through the lens of CCG, largely because if I did manage to learn how to use words like mai, sydd, sef and bod (as a conjunction) correctly in my youth I have forgotten … Continue reading

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