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Interrogative frequencies in DASG

One aspect of Gaelic I want to look at more closely is interrogatives. Just as all the wh- words in English (who, when, why, what, how) go to the front of the sentence, so do all the c- words in … Continue reading

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DASG and the second comparative

If you haven’t come across Dachaigh airson Stòras na Gàidhlig/Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic you should stop what reading this and go straight there. … Welcome back. It contains eight and a half million words and is a resource I keep … Continue reading

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Training a dependency parser on gdbank

A very quick note to say that I’ve trained maltparser, a dependency parser, with the current gdbank sentences (a mere 1223 tokens spread across 70-odd sentences), the Universal POS tagging scheme and the current Universal-ish gdbank dependency annotation scheme, and then … Continue reading

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MaltParser cheat mode

If you train MaltParser using the learnwo flowchart in place of learn, it does all the same things, except that it writes out the sentences as it reads them in. This means that if you have, ahem, misformatted any of … Continue reading

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Installing MaltParser on Mac OS X 10.6.8

MaltParser is a dependency parser and it’s available here: If you try to run the ready-built jar under Mac OS X 10.6.8 and you haven’t updated to Java 1.7, you’ll get a major.minor version number error. However, if you … Continue reading

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Headline passive

I read the news today. To be precise, I’ve been looking at the BBC website’s news in Gaelic and I’ve spotted a grammatical theme among a large proportion of the headlines and standfirsts: Fiosrachadh ga shireadh mu ghoid charbad phoilis “information sought about … Continue reading

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gdbank: CCG and dependency structures in Scottish Gaelic

I have been working on a small corpus of Scottish Gaelic sentences. The words in them are all annotated with categorial grammar types and dependency relations. It’s available on Google Code GitHub and there is a more detailed description in this … Continue reading

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CLTW2014: report

Last weekend I was in Dublin for the first Celtic Language Technology Workshop, which was part of COLING2014. I am still digesting and still to follow up everything, but here’s a very brief summary. Elaine Uí Dhonnchadha (DCU) started with an overview … Continue reading

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Quick note on visccg and UTF-8 for openccg beginners

If you can’t get UTF-8 to work in visccg (looking at Stack Overflow suggests this might be a Python-on-the-Mac thing, but I wouldn’t swear to it) you can still edit .ccg files in Your Favourite Text Editor and ccg2xml will … Continue reading

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The Coordinate Structure Constraint: evidence from Irish

Previously. Ross’s 1967 MIT thesis Constraints on Variables in Syntax introduced, among other things, the Coordinate Structure Constraint, which is a generalization of the intuitive notion that coordinators (in English, “and”, “but”, “or” and so on) coordinate nouns with nouns … Continue reading

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