Ye Olde Pioneer, Bicester

Loud jukebox with excellent bass reproduction behind the bar, and nothing 
at all on cask. Not a drop. The John Smiths Extra Smooth is entirely 
tasteless but with the expected texture.

The Ladies is deficient in the way of locks and toilet papers. Otherwise 
it looks pretty generic as a pub. The clientele are entirely folk from 
Bicester who may or may not actually be old enough to drink there. But 
they keep themselves to themselves. Were this in Oxford, it'd be called 
townie and store well clear of by students.

The pub sign is two explorer figures, one of which has a light bulb on his 
hat wired to another light bulb. I like this pub rather less than some of 
the others in Bicester, but it's not aimed at me in particular. (1.x.1998)