The Wise Alderman (Halls)
Banbury Road, Kidlington, Oxfordshire

    * Hook Norton Best (3.4%) 1.67
    * Walkers Crisps 45p (10.xi.1998)

Huge building containing surprisingly small bar area on the inside. 
Honey-coloured sandstone inside and out. The pub name commemorates the local 
councillor who attempted to get Kidlington (largest village in Britain) 
converted into a town, and failed.

Darkish, bar the length of the inside, a dartboard, a bigger board containing 
details of 9" and 12" pizzas, and Hook Norton Best. Excellent it is too. 
There wasn't any other cask beer on, so I can't comment on the rest of it. 
Lot of camaraderie amongst the regulars, who were attempting to perpetrate a 
reverse telephone number lookup by means of Directory Enquiries. It didn't 
work. (10.xi.1998)

They've taken down the pub sign showing the Wise Alderman. Don't know how 
permanent this is. (