The White House (White's)
Botley Road, Oxford

Odd place this.  Half of it is a rather fine restaurant, one of my Oxford
favourites, in blue with spotless narrow navy blue venetian blinds, good
filling food (huge menu, proper restauranty things) and about 25 a head
(not including wine, which varies between 6 and 30 a bottle) for three

One end of it is a no-smoking bar with pot plants and blue furniture.

The other half is pink, and described on a sign as the White House Bar.  
It's dark, smoky and at bottom the wrong colour for a pub. It's guaranteed
trade through being next to the station. This evening (2000-11-12) there
were loud people snorting vodka from an inverted wine glass heated with a

Standard cask ales in place of the guests from Wychwood there used to be 
years ago.

(Most recent fieldwork: 2003-08-22)