The White Horse (Halls), Broad Street, Oxford.

Wadworth 6X GBP 2.10 (iii.2001)

Comfortable place with a heavily-corrugated floor and walls lined with
pictures of folk bulging in sports kit.  There's a wee secluded dais to the
back, and the bar staff will bring your drink to you.  Very busy and cramped
on a Saturday night.  Facilities out up stairs at the back and round several
corners.  Flight of stairs down into it from the High Street.  And surrounded
by Blackwells. (28.ii.1998) 

I had my lunch here, a baked potato with bacon and a huge amount of salad.  
It came quickly, and was everything I wanted.  There was a woman on the 
same table who told me about deciding not to go to Budapest after seeing 
Béla Tarr's Werckmeister Harmonies.

Mark Dickerson complains:
I went to the White Horse for lunch today.

I ordered my food; they were out of rice, so I couldn't have the curry.
Five minutes later I was told the fish cakes were off too, so I picked
ham, eggs and chips.  This single act apparently delayed things another 40
minutes, because---yes!---they had no eggs and had to go and buy some.

They also ran out of cutlery in the process. (6.ix.1999)

Ed Turner updates:
Now does breakfasts, very reasonably priced, from 11-1, and the management has 
changed. (24.iv.2001)

Appears in Kate Pugh's Vegan Oxford.

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