The White Horse, Woolstone near Uffington
Free House
Bulmers Strongbow Dry Cider 2.14
Lemonade 1.00
Cola 1.10

Chips, sausages, beans/peas 4.50
Ham, fried eggs, hash browns 5.95 (31.i.1999)

Owen Massey writes:
Woolstone is a very small village hiding beneath a 1:16 road down from the 
Uffington White Horse. There's a church, which we didn't investigate, a 
nice patterned-brick house and this pub, which is itself picturesque. The 
large car park allows you to get a good view of it, and in a few decades 
the saplings will have grown to obscure the septic tank.

The pub appears to be staffed entirely by South Africans, to judge harshly 
from the accent. I mention this only because of the consistent difficulty 
we had getting anyone to understand us. The service of food was however 
admirably quick for a Sunday lunchtime.

The restaurant part of the pub appears to take over the entire floor 
except for the bar. The meals offered are a very small and uninspiring 
selection from the typical range of pub food, though there was nothing to 
mark down the food itself. We didn't stay for dessert; couldn't afford to.