The White Horse (Morrells)
London Road, Headington, Oxford

Morrells Varsity (4.2%) 2.01
Guinness Stout 2.20
McCoy's Crisps 40p (3.x.1998)

This is the nearest pub to Oxford Brookes, and as you might expect, it's 
popular with their students. It has a big car park, and splits into a 
typical pub section with a loud jukebox, a decompression area in between 
with comfortably padded benches and stained glass divides, and on the far 
side of that a carvery. The first two sections have bars serving Morrells 
Oxford and Varsity. Big pub. Yes. It has benches out the front overlooking 
Headley Way and London Road.

Morrells Varsity when I had it was excellent, and tasted more like Varsity 
than any pint thereof I've had recently.

Dale Collins' Fun Quiz on Mondays. (3.x.1998)