The White Hart, Old Marston
Morrells Varsity (4.2%) 2.00
Strongbow Dry Cider 2.20
Stowford Press Cider 2.20 (12.ix.1998)

This is a genuinely old pub with comfortable seating and stone walling 
and, formerly, cigarette cards in display cases which have been replaced 
with a dartboard. It has a snug atmosphere to it, probably due to the 
number of brick walls containing fireplaces around the place. An unused 
jukebox (which is the best variety) sits opposite an unused pool table.

And unlike the Three Horseshoes next door, it's very busy even early on on 
a Saturday evening, with more folk there for a drink than for the 
restaurant section.

Once when I came here they had a power cut in Old Marston, and the barman 
came round with candles instead of turfing everyone out. Don't know how 
typical this is owing to the infrequency of power cuts these days. They 
have Aunt Sally round the back. (12.ix.1998)

Owen Massey adds:
There is a restaurant part inbetween this and the adjoining The Three 

Two dogs (no, not the alcopop): a tan mongrel called Rusty and a divine 
white Alsatian called Heidi. (23.v.1998)