The White Hart, Wolvercote
Ansell's Bitter 1.90
Dry Blackthorn 2.10
Smirnoff Blue 1.30
Coca Cola 95p
Crisps 30p (13.xii.97)

Poinsettia all over the place, but that's just for Christmas. It's been 
renovated recently, so is far more upmarket and living roomy than the 
tiled and raucous place I remember from March earlier this year. Renovated 
so recently, in fact, that you can still smell paint in the back passages. 
No angle.

The beer range is about the same numerically, but a bit more varied than 
that of the Red Lion across the road. I think it was a new barman who 
showed himself incompetent at the dividing by two lark. (13.xii.97)