The White Hart, 4 Sheep Street, Bicester
Tetley Smoothflow 1.85
Guinness Stout 2.22 (12.iii.1999)

Small squarish sandstone pub at the eastern end of the street. The ceiling 
is a bit too high, the beams a bit too straight and the walls a bit too 
pristine for the pub to look as old as it probably intends. There's a 
garden of sorts with benches and flagstones on the outside.

The customers were entirely under twenty-five and on their way to have a 
Good Time somewhere. Some of them were spotted going into the Kings Arms 
Hotel round the corner a moment later. The sound is provided by the same 
sort of video jukebox as in Turl Bar in Oxford.

As for beer, there is none on cask, though the price list indicates that 
there used to be Tetley Bitter. I'm not impressed. They have a regular DJ 
called DJ "Two Dogs" Lawler, if that's any help to you. (12.iii.1999)