The Wharf House

Free House
Butterwyke Place, Oxford. Tel (01865) 245070 (not guaranteed) 

Now closed. (2011-10-06)

Pontus Lurcock writes: Much the same as ever. The beer is still incredibly good. There have been two major changes. Firstly, it's been redecorated. Only mildly, but to excellent effect: a lick of paint, a few new pictures on the walls, and a bookcase, and suddenly it feels a great deal less desolate. There was a Christmas tree too when I went (in late February). Secondly, I have heard that Brindle (the dog) has passed away since our visit. She will be sorely missed. (2005-02) Editorial note: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Hook Norton Best (3.8%) 1.65 (26.viii.2001) * RCH Pitchfork 1.70 * Cottage Mallard IPA (4.0%) 1.90 * Hoegaarden White Beer (5.0%) 2.40 * Rochefort Number Eight 2.70 * Westvleteren Number Eight 3.00 * Rochefort Number Ten 3.40 (28.viii.1999) Very quiet pub. Even on a Saturday evening. This is more to do with the location than anything else. It's very good. They do two real ciders or perries, which are kept in polypins, but aren't usually on the bar in summer on account of the heat. All the students I have ever seen in here have been ones I've brought or been taken by. Red-painted benches out the front where you can sit in the sun, and an Aunt Sally (Hook Norton) out the back on Butterwyke Place. (29.viii.1999) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mark Dickerson writes: I really like the Wharf House; but it should be moved by God to the centre or Jericho. Where it is means that a lot of people have never heard of it, and I'm afraid the regulars are "characters". This used to be one of the most frightening pubs in Oxford, and then got done up; the locals are sometimes still intimidating, but I've never had any problems. Mind you, I don't walk around in a boater and college scarf. Decor is stripped pine, rather like the Evening Star in Brighton; the pub is about the size of the Carpenter's Arms. The owners are friendly, and the beer selection quite superb, though the bottles are expensive (1.50-6.95, mostly around 2-3). Draught beer is normally Hook Norton Best and RCH Pitchfork, plus two more obscure guests; for lager fans Bitburger; also draught Hoegaarden and a scrumpy. Bottles usually include Orval; Chimay Bleu (and sometimes the others); Guinness foreign Extra Stout; Rodenbach Ordinaire; Adventinus; perhaps 15-20 more. Basically, go with a quietish group, perhaps on route to the Head of the River or the Folly, and give it a try. Coachloads of Camra fans turning up are usually a good sign (if not actually when you're there). (12.i.1998)