This is now The Punter.


The Watermans Arms (Morland)
South Street, Osney, Oxford OX2 0BE. Tel (01865) 248832.

    * Greene King IPA 1.90
    * Morland Original 1.95 (3.v.2001)

The executive summary might read that this is the best pub within five 
minutes' walk of the railway station.  It certainly has bar billiards. 

The Morland Independent IPA has gone, to be replaced with Greene King IPA. 

In February 1998 I wrote:

Do you like chips? the barman (who replaces the former one who apparently
looked like Windsor Davies with more tattoos [Note added 29.v.2001: I have
no idea where I heard this from]) asked, thrusting a bowl of chips onto
the bar. (Not that I was complaining.) A mildly eccentric quiet local this
is, the few customers on a Wednesday night being regulars from Osney Town,
and with the occasional bit of nautical baraphernalia, like the porthole
window in the door to the kitchen (or "galley" as the sign says), or the
tiny model of an old-fashioned diving helmet and hood behind the bar.

What's the story behind Mr Grumpy? I asked, pointing at the Mr Man book 
mounted above the Glenfiddich optic. That's me, apparently says the 
barman. Later on he started wondering out loud about the weather tonight 
and how this would affect racing at Towcester the next day.

The Mr Grumpy book's gone now. The barman claims he's got worse. However 
the pub is better than I remembered, with actual cask Independent IPA and 
Morland Original (admittedly through a sparkler), a 3' pool table (50p a 
shot) and bar billiards. And it's by the river (hence the name). They also 
have a quiz team, but not much evidence of quiz nights. And they've got a 
new carpet. (8.ix.1999)