Walter Mitty's (Morland)
Osney Island, Oxford

Charles Wells Bombardier £2.00 (

This used to be the Hollybush.[1] It is now a three-dimensional and 
slightly trippy experience. Most of the planes, for example, are stuck to 
the ceiling upside down, except for the German WWI one which is the 
right-way-up. There's Monopoly round the edges (Banbury Road will set you 
back £400), an inflatable Budweiser set of American Football goalposts, a 
Leonardo motorbike, and do you see the fireplace with the 
primary-coloured-painted bricks in the corner? Yes? Well there's a Greek 
bust in front of that surrounded by papier maché heads, some of them with 
spectacles. Did I mention Spratt's Ovals for Doggy Fitness? Oh.

Three casks: best of which is probably Bombardier, though there's 
something oddly consistent about the head off it. The tables are old 
sewing machine bases with treadles and flywheels. Some of the treadles are 
connected to the flywheels; some of them aren't.

You used to be able to get baked potatoes in here for less than £2 all 
day, but not any more. They're about a pound a shot more expensive and 
only available at lunchtimes. Shame. There's two televisions at the 
eastern end of the pub, but they're in picture only. The one in the Gents 
has sound, though.

There's another one of these at South Cerney in Gloucs, apparently. 

[1] Now can anybody explain me exactly how this relates to Hollybush Row, 
which is about 400 yards away?