The Waggon and Horses, Culham
Morrells / Whitbread
Monday to Saturday 11am to 11pm
Sunday 12pm to 10.30pm (

Morrells Varsity 1.84
Morrells Graduate 1.96 (

This is on the main A415 road from Dorchester to Abingdon (and beyond). It 
has a children's playground out the back, a deflated bouncy castle, and 
panoramic views of Didcot power station.

Inside it's slightly twee but otherwise presentable. It is an odd hybrid: 
run by Whitbread Inns but stocking Morrells ales. I think the pint of 
Varsity I had was the worst yet, and might have gone off, but my nose was 
out of action from an incipient cold so I couldn't tell. Service very 
friendly though: pleasant bar staff.

Food average pub price, but nothing terribly special. The treacle sponge I 
had was actually inedible: horribly chewy and flavourless and I only got 
halfway through. If I were in the area, I think I'd try out the Lion, 
where the food seems to be cooked on site.

Big on world cup football (oh dear). (