Closed by 5.i.2000.

The Waggon and Horses (Morrells)
16 London Road, Chipping Norton

Morrells Varsity GBP 2.00 (

Though this is one of the few pubs in Chippy not to have Hook Norton Best 
on offer, an idea of the distance we are away from Oxford can still be had 
from the speakers playing Bear Radio from Stratford instead of Fox FM.

I thought it was a victim of pub death, as one of the Ls has fallen off 
the Morrells sign outside, and the door to the street doesn't work, so I 
went in tentatively through a side door and found that it looked like 
somebody's front room with two women playing cribbage in it. I was firmly 
reminded of Kids in the Hall.

Big bean bag for a dog. Didn't find out the dog's name. Portrait of a 
jolly man with a red tankard. Didn't find out who he was either. There was 
a brick with its frog full of matches. And a pile of cribbage boards. Liz 
was pleased. (