The Two Brewers
Greene King
50 North Street, Thame, OX9 3BH. Tel. (01844) 212381

    * Greene King IPA 2.00
    * Coca Cola 1.10 (23.viii.1999)

It was very quiet in here at ten o'clock on a Monday night. Not even 
fuzzy, jerky Sky Sports showing a Liverpool Leeds match was drawing the 
punters. A man in a grey coat and black fedora turned up, but he was about 
all. There was a copy of the Daily Sport on the bar.

They had Greene King IPA on and not a lot else. There was one of the 
original top-down scrolling shoot-'em-ups in presumably the original 
coffee-table shaped casing at one end of the pub. In the Gents, there was 
a special edition framed page from the Daily Sport with "Page 3 stunna 
Debbie Corrigan", dedicated to "the crib team at the Two Brewers"..

Well, I found it a demeaning and cheapening experience. (23.viii.1999)