A. Broom reports that this is now closed. (2012-12-12)

The Turl Bar (Beefeater)
Turl Street, Oxford

Colin Batchelor writes:
This is a peculiar offshoot of the Mitre on the High Street, and I think 
it's fairly recent.

It's at the far end of a courtyard off hairdresser/old book/cobbler-smelling
Turl Street, and unsettlingly like a college bar or beercellar.  Brightly 
lit, it has a snooker table and a video jukebox.  For a long time, my 
review stated that it's covered in stripped pine panelling.  It may give 
this impression, but there's a lot of stained wood and the ceilings are 
white with dark rafters and the college coats of arms hanging off them.  I 
think I spent too long staring at the floor.

The real ales are not much to speak of, chilled Boddingtons, and Marstons 
Pedigree and a not very impressive Wadworth 6X.  To be fair, the last 6X I 
had was vinegary, so they took it back and gave me a Boddingtons in 


No real ale.