The Turf Tavern (Hogshead)
Bath Place, off Holywell Street, Oxford. 
Monday to Saturday 11am to 11pm 
Sunday 12pm to 10.30pm (1.vii.1999) 

*	Deuchars Edinburgh IPA 1.95 
*	Arundel Stronghold (5.0%) 2.20 
*	Hoegaarden White Beer 2.82 (TWO POUNDS EIGHTY-TWO) (1.vii.1999)

When I was a Part II, my room overlooked New College Tower and this pub, 
which for most of the day makes a pleasant noise not unlike a cricket 
match, often accompanied by the clink of cutlery on china. Food reasonable 
at three quid a basket, often coming with vegetables. Sausage and mash a 
bit steeper, though.

They have replaced the braziers with Martians, which is a shame, and I 
haven't seen the beerhouse in the open-air bit round the back in use for 
years. Possibly not since the last election. Distracting video game 
indoors. Weston's Old Rosie still generally available. And they're doing 
Sign of Spring again this year. It's made with green hops, and is green. 
Green, I tell you. Hoppy, too. (9.iv.2001)