The Tree Hotel (Morrells)
Church Way, Iffley, Oxford.

    * Morrells Varsity Bitter 2.00
    * Pepsi 85p (3.ix.1998)

This is tremendously quiet on weekdays in low season, though the guests 
are more in evidence during high season. At weekends it fills up with folk 
from the surrounding area. Varsity not brilliant but pleasanter than in 
some places.

It sits on the corner of Church Walk and Tree Lane, and to enter it you 
need to walk up a steep but short slope up Tree Lane. There's a terraced 
area off Tree Lane for sitting outside in the summer, with a range of 
flowers in tubs and pots. And a garden with goats, guinea pigs, a zebra 
finch and some sort of modified pigeon in an enclosure.

In the summer of 1997 there was a drunken fellow wandering about who
attempted to proposition a friend of mine while I was using the facilities
(up a wee ramp, working hand-drier, soap available, no angle), but I
haven't seen him since.

A word of warning: The crisps are Jonathan Crisp, which I am assured is 
excellent, but unfortunately cooked in peanut oil. (3.ix.1998)