The Three Pigeons Inn, Wood Green, Witney
This is surprisingly like the White Hart at Eynsham, even down to the 
carnations on the tables, the clientele mostly in their fifties and the 
decent range of whiskies. Duncan counted six single malts, including 
Lagavullin and Dalwhinnie.

To drink I had a good Wychwood Special. Elaine says the Ladies has a print 
of a Turner painting depicting slavers throwing the dead and dying off a 
ship in a storm at sea.

The chief problem with the pub is probably the wallpaper. It's dark blue 
with a white and green pattern on it overprinted with pink roses. They do 
food as well, but only in the evenings on a few days a week, so I haven't 
had a chance to try it yet.

Odd assortment of skin-headed ten-year-olds assailed us as we left and 
accused Duncan of looking like a lesbian. But I htink that this is 
atypical. (26.ii.1999)