The Three Horseshoes
Chinnor Road, Towersey

    * Friary Meux 2.00 (23.viii.1999)

On Chinnor Road, the southern half of the north-south axis, this is a pub 
which does the increasingly ubiquitous Greene King IPA, Friary Meux and I 
think Marstons Pedigree. The decor is recognizably late eighties, with 
ragging on the walls below the dado rail. Even the radiators have been 
done in peach with green splotches.

Good to see Friary Meux again. I wondered whether they'd stopped making 
it. Lots of food available, but only from the first of September onwards. 
Does anybody know what a "timble of rice" is?

I know it's wrong to take the mickey out of people you overhear, but when 
somebody under thirty refers to "the loudest jungle system I ever heard" 
without apparent irony, something's gone wrong somewhere. He also talked 
about "jungle techno". Maybe he's just ahead of the times and I haven't 
realized yet. (23.viii.1999)