The Three Goats Heads (Sam Smith's)
St Michaels Street, Oxford

Colin Batchelor writes:
Downstairs seems to be closed at the moment.  One of a set of what
Pete Gillin calls "naughty" Sam Smiths pubs with keg-only beer,
Old Brewery Bitter and Sovereign.  Bottles still available.  Very shiny
Italian espresso machine.

Pontus Lurcock writes:
They have now excised their handpumps, covering the holes in the bar
with neat brass discs to remind you what you're missing. The last time
I did drink real ale here, we were served the most comically frothy
pints I've ever encountered. They were topped up on request, but with
bad grace. I wonder if staff training costs had anything to do with
the descent into keggery.

Still, if you can stomach the keg stuff, it's not bad as a very
central meeting point. The prices are as keen as ever, and the
two-level design is put to good use: the upper bar is generally
quieter, and I've witnessed rowdy mobs being diplomatically diverted
downward when they stumble upon it.

Colin Batchelor writes:
Still the cheapest pub in Oxford.  The stout and cider are keg, and the 
three Old Brewery Bitter pubs have sparklers on them.  But they'll take 
the sparklers off if you ask, and there's a good range of slightly 
expensive bottles, including their Taddy Porter and their organic beers.  
They do a pub quiz on Wednesday nights, by the way.  (2000-01)

Mark Dickerson writes:
Probably the cheapest pub bitter in Oxford, and can be one of the best.  
Some Sam Smith's bottled beers are also available, but can be expensive, 
especially the Christmas one.  There are two bars; apparently the decor 
won a CAMRA award.  Upstairs reminds one of a tiled Victorian gin palace; 
downstairs is darker and townier, with a TV for sport.   Given the 
proximity to the Union, pictures are political cartoons and portraits.  
The clientele is mixed, but you can use the pictures on the walls to spot 
the hacks (as if you wanted to).  All in all a good pub, even if the 
authentic feel of the place makes it feel like a bathroom at times.